Factors to consider when choosing domiciliary care

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There are several factors which are of critical importance to the majority of the people who are searching for home care. However, in this post, we will not provide an exhaustive list. There other useful factors to add to the list. The factors in this post are revealed by Care Quality Commission study done by Mumsnet. Let us examine these factors.

Times for visits

elderly care 6t5Over 90% of the respondents agreed that a home care facility that provides choice for times of visits is an important factor in selecting a home care provider. You should note that domiciliary care offers some distinct advantages for their recipients. One of the advantages is that homecare allows one to live independently and go on with your routine in your home.

It is important to be reasonable and realistic when taking into account the time’s visits can be arranged. A reputable home provider goes an extra mile to receive calls whenever the customers want. This is not only a good customer service but also an effective business practice. However, in some instances, there can be both logistical and operational challenges that make it difficult to satisfy each customer.

It is quite unreasonable for the providers to dictate certain times when customers can make calls. It is true that each home care provider can have certain times of the day that can be considered to be pinch points. If each customer wants to call at that point, then something will go a miss. Thus, it is reasonable for the customers and providers to work out a schedule which allows the majority of customers to make calls within 10-20 minutes of their chosen times.

Collaboration with other agencies

elderly care 25weft2You should find a homecare service, which works well with many other agencies that are involved in elderly care and nursing. For instance, they should collaborate with dentists, social workers, nurses, and more. Over 85% considered it an important factor to take into consideration. As you know, care providers have an important role in lives of patients or their customers.


You need to find a home care provider with good communication. It is necessary for the providers to comply with obligations of confidentiality which is placed on them. Also, the right home care service is one that treats its customers as individuals. Although every person is different, there is a need to have accepted standards.