Common Mistakes when doing Push-Ups


It is not uncommon for people who usually perform push-ups to experience wrist pains. When this happens, it is usually likely to suggest that these people are suffering from wrist injuries. It might also be an indication that they need to adjust the way they are exercising. The beauty of all this is that it is possible and simple to get rid of the wrist pain and this article explains how wrist support for push ups to exactly do that.


Correct way of doing a push-up

To get rid of this pain, you need to understand what it is that you are doing wrong so that you may correct it. To do this, get into a starting position and observe the following:

· Observe how you’ve placed your arms about the shoulders.

· Consider the kind of contact you have with the ground beneath you.

· What is the angle between your elbows and your shoulders?

· What is the position of your hips, upper back, and the torso?

Understanding this position will go a long way in unraveling what it is that you are doing wrong. Below are two of the most common mistakes that beginners are usually guilty of when doing push-ups:


Position of the hands

It is a common practice for beginners to do push-ups with their hands wide stretched away from their shoulders. There are also those who like relaxing their hands while twisting them in a certain and rotating them in a certain way. It is imperative to understand that rotating the hand or exerting too much pressure on them by placing them far from the body may lead to unnecessary straining of the wrist which will ultimately lead to pain.

To do a good and a safe push up, be sure that your hands are not outstretched. They should only go as far as the width of your shoulders. You should also place them close to your chest. When you get to the top of the push-up, ensure that your hands are beneath the shoulders otherwise if they are behind them (your shoulders) you wrist will experience a lot of pressure.

Lastly, ensure that the hands are facing the front and not angled in any direction. All the points of your palms should be in contact with the ground to spread the pressure evenly throughout the hand for best support.


Elbow position

Having the elbows stretch out is not the correct way of doing push-ups. Most beginners like doing this as it helps compensate for their weaknesses. The only problem with this is that it will ultimately lead to wrist pains. Stick the elbows out means that your hands are more spread than the shoulder width. To correct this, always ensure that they remain beneath the shoulders and close o the chest. They should always be at a 45-degree angle beneath your body, not sticking out.


By sticking to these two points, you will experience a drastic reduction in your wrist pain. Again you will notice better results from the push-ups as you will now be doing them correctly.